History Preserved

In this award-winning video series, Dr. Frank Nickell takes us through twelve episodes of stories documenting the rich history of the Southeast Missouri area. Dr. Nickell shows us how important this area actually was in the development of the modern United State — in surprising ways.

You’ll learn some of the knowledge of Dr. Nickell, while taking away a deeper understanding of how Southeast Missouri has shaped the society in which we now live.

Most people that drive through this area on the interstate have no idea the impact this area had on the development of North America.

Since 2019, the Kellerman Foundation has executive produced its first web-based, episodic video series. This was done with the production supervision of its primary media partner in Cape Girardeau. The foundation was able to utilize the extensive research of Dr. Frank Nickell to begin its entrance into media.

The first video series is “History Preserved,” produced by the marketing agency The Digital Foundry and its video partner. History Preserved was created to showcase the stories of the Kellerman Foundation and its specific initiative in preserving the Nickell Regional Heritage Archive.

The series and its episodes all had to be approved by the Board of Directors, with Dr. Frank Nickell suggesting most of the subjects presented.

Another video series, “The Kellerman Legacy,” is currently in the concept phase that will showcase the work done by the Kellermans to save historic landmarks in the Cape Girardeau area.

History Preserved’s first “season” of videos is intended to consist of twelve episodes, each of them showing a particular story of interest in the development of southeast Missouri or the region. The series went on to win a bronze American Advertising Federation Award in February 2020.

The Kellerman Foundation mission comprises not only the preservation of historical landmarks and the architecture presented in those landmarks, but also the stories behind the people that made them. History Preserved, and any video series the foundation produces in the future, is intent on fulfilling this particular aspect of its mission.

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